Pizza Fried Chicken

As you know, I try to find pizza inspired recipes because my husband loves pepperoni pizza. At the same time, I’m on a diet, so I try to find calorie friendly recipes as well. It’s interesting the different types of comfort foods you can find catering to your diet.  But when I found Pizza Fried Chicken, a calorie friendly and pizza inspired dish, I couldn’t wait to experiement. Each piece of chicken is only 282 calories. So I’m able to give Robert something he loves but with fewer calories. As for me, I’m able to eat something delicious without having to feel guilty later.

Pizza Fried Chicken

Makes: two
Cooking time: roughly 30 minutes


Chicken breasts
Season All
Whole green pepper
1 cup of Ragu Chunky Mushroom
1/2 cup of shredded Mozzarella cheese


Cut the fat off of the chicken and smother in Season All. I can’t say for sure how much I used, but I rubbed the entire chicken (both sides) with seasoning.

Start frying the chicken on medium heat.

Meanwhile, take a whole green pepper and slice into strips. Place those alongside the chicken in your pan and fry them until soft.

Once your chicken is cooked, put half a cup of Ragu on each piece of chicken and allow to warm. Then put shredded cheese and pepperoni on top.

Once the cheese has melted, and your toppings have warmed, you’re ready to serve with whatever sides you choose.


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