My first cookie swap

Now that I’m constantly baking, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to head to a cookie swap! I’ve never been to one before, but I absolutely love the concept. The holiday season has really inspired me to bake and swapping cookies with other bakers sounded like perfection to me. The one my mum and I went to was a ladies only party and was hosted at our neighborhood clubhouse. Honestly, even if there had been no cookies the clubhouse alone screams a warm, festive environment. Just look at the gorgeous fireplace:

Combined with the cozy fire, there was wine, Christmas carols, and lots and lots of cookies. Unfortunately, my mum and I weren’t able to bake our own cookies. I had just thrown the baby shower this past weekend and my mum is throwing a party this Saturday. Since we’ve both been so busy, we picked up some delicious Toll House cookies. This is what we took over:

I did feel guilty about taking store-bought cookies, but honestly we just didn’t have time; however, I have vowed that next year not only am I throwing my own cookie swap but am baking my own cookies. I found this adorable holiday cookie exchange kit at World Market. The moment I saw it I wanted to indulge in a cookie swap, but I didn’t feel comfortable hosting one here since it’s not my own home.

Photo from World Market website

The kit comes with the invites, treat bags, recipe cards, and more. I definitely want to use it for next year and hope that along with swapping cookies, guests will swap recipes, too.

We didn’t stay for long, but we got to chat with some of the ladies and enjoy the festivities. Plus, when we came home we got to bring this delicious tray of goodies with us:

I did have to break my sugar-free diet for the day, but all I can say is, it was completely worth it!


2 thoughts on “My first cookie swap

  1. The cookie exchange I did yesterday was my first as well! I have another that I am just attending, not hosting, tonight, so I get to go see everything I did wrong, haha.

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