The foods I hope to conquer in 2012

It didn’t take me long to throw all of my Christmas money into baking gadgets and cookbooks. As I mentioned earlier in “Baking on the Brain,” I already got tools for cupcake and cookie making. Well, I also splurged on a handful of cookbooks. I usually stay away from them as they are so expensive, but if you can’t enjoy a little luxury during the holidays when can you? I had so much fun exploring the shelves upon shelves of books.

This is what I walked away with.

I also got a few more recipe books before Christmas, too. With my new gadgets and books, I’m really excited for what I can make next year. In-fact, I already have a few foods/baked goods I hope to conquer in 2012.

  • Whoopie Pies – I love the idea of a whoopie pie and the different combinations you can put together. Hubby wants me to try a jalapeno and maple bacon pie; meanwhile, I’m excited to try a smores whoopie.
  • My own pastry – My mum is the queen of pastry making (at least, to me she is)! Her pastry always comes out perfect, and this year, she’s suggested I try it for myself. I haven’t used a lot of pastry in my baking before, but I enjoy making things from scratch. Even if I don’t use it often, I’m excited to learn.
  • Thanksgiving dinner – I am hoping that Robert and I will be settled in our own place by next Thanksgiving. If we are, I want to start the tradition of cooking for everyone at our house. I picked up a holiday recipes cookbook and I’ve already picked out a few dishes – like coconut sweet potatoes!
  • Healthy baking – While I always get the “life is too short to worry” responses, I eat way too many cupcakes. It isn’t healthy to eat as much sugary foods as I do. Since I don’t want to give up baking or eating cupcakes, I’m challenging myself to learn healthier ways to bake. I can’t wait to start experimenting.
  • Cheesecake – This is one of Robert’s favourite desserts and there are so many interesting recipes. I’m particularly eager to try the pretty designs on top of the cake.

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