Leaving the basics until last

Even with all the recipes I’ve tried, it may surprise you to know I’ve never made an omelette. A simple, beginners dish, and I’m leaving it until after the chicken parmesan and homemade mac and cheese. What can I say? I’m the type of woman who likes to work backwards. Some nights, I even eat my dessert before dinner.

Since I’ve been craving omelettes and scrambled eggs (another recipe I haven’t made), I figured it was time to learn. I’m proud to say I did okay. My only complaint is I used the wrong type of cheese. We had mozzarella open in the fridge and I didn’t want to waste it; however, it made the omelette a little chewy. Next time I’m definitely using cheddar.

Even though I’m sure everyone has made an omelette but me, I thought I’d share the recipe anyway.

Cheesy omelette


2 eggs

1/4 cup of cheese

1 teaspoon of butter


Crack two eggs and beat thoroughly. Place butter in pan and allow to melt a little. Pour in your eggs. Combine cheese and use fork to spread throughout omelette. When corners begin to brown,  check underneath, if bottom is brown flip and cook the other side.

Make a slight mark in the middle of the omelette. If the center isn’t wet, the omelette is ready to serve.

Now that I’ve learned the basics, I can’t wait to try different variations. I might try a southwest omelette next or maybe something with spinach. Either way, I can’t wait to start experimenting.


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