My Pinspiration: the home edition

I know this blog is primarily for cooking related posts, but I have decorating on the brain right now. When it comes to making a house look homey, I have as many skills as I do in the kitchen. . . a.k.a close to none. From our registry to my own guilty spending, I now have an assortment of stuff for our future place. Problem is, I just have no idea what to do with it all. I’ve looked through picture after picture to find inspiration, but I think the problem with decorating is you see an idea and want to make it your own (at least I do). So finding pictures is a good step, but I still can’t progress beyond it.

I still have four months until I have to put my decorative skills to the test, which means I have plenty of time to keep looking. I know I want lots of London/English accents around our place. Not only because England is my home, but because it’s where we honeymooned! I also know I want a few gaming related things, too. What I mean by that is some little details that reflect that Robert and I are both video gamers. As for the overall decor, I know I want dark wood furniture, and after that I can’t decide on anything else.

Luckily, I have Pinterest in my life. For anyone who has actually looked at my Pinterest, you’ll notice my most used boards are “Dream Home” and “Weddings” (yeah, it’s almost been a year and I haven’t lost that obsession yet). Here are a few of the ideas I like the most. For your viewing pleasure and so I have a place where I can see all my favourite ideas put together.

The entryway

One thing I’m excited about in our new place is the long hallway. When you enter the apartment, there’s a long hallway that takes you past the two bedrooms and bathrooms and through to the living/kitchen/dining area. For someone who is obsessed with photo galleries, I can’t wait to play with all that wall space.

From Pinterest originally from

While this is a staircase, I love this gallery. I also have an affinity for wall decals, so the fact this combines two of my loves makes it very appealing to me. The family name in funky letters is pretty neat, too.

From Pinterest originally from

This one is much more simple and uses far less wall space, but I was thinking of something like this for the immediate entrance. My decor would be less rustic, but what I like is the hanging picture frames above the table.

The bedroom

My biggest challenge! The only detail I know for sure is the bed.

From Pinterest originally from Ikea

Love the wood colour and I want a dark, purple coloured bedspread to go with it; almost like a wine colour.

Here comes the hard part, what do I picture for the rest of the room?

From Pinterest originally from

This is my favourite picture, I just don’t want a brown coloured bedroom. I want my room to feel a little romantic with flowers sitting on the nightstands. I just can’t settle on a colour scheme.

From Pinterest originally from

I LOVE this colour palette, but I’m jut not sure if it’s dark enough. I don’t want too dark, but I don’t want light and airy either – see, I’m an indecisive mess.

You may be wondering, well what does your hubby want? Same as our wedding planning days, Robert is completely uninterested in the decorating process. The only room he is interested in is his man cave, in which case, I have no intention of touching.

At least I’ve started to look around and get a feel for what I like. Thankfully I have a few months to play with, too. Having everything here in one post gives me a clearer picture of my ideas, so I’ll probably post a few more of these before April arrives.


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