Gluten-free experiment

A few weeks back, my doctor suggested that a wheat allergy could be the root of all my problems. HURRAY, thought I! An easy solution (in comparison to surgery or some extensive medical treatment). Unfortunately my test results came back negative for Celiac’s disease (a wheat allergy), but since then I’ve heard a lot of different stories. First of all, this particular food allergy runs in my family, so it wouldn’t be strange for me to have the same condition. Secondly, one of my friends said her grandmother tested negative when she actually has the disease. When the grandmother cut the ingredient out of her diet, she felt better. So I decided that, despite my results, I was going to try a gluten free lifestyle. Even if it turns out I’m really not allergic, I figured there was no harm in trying it out. If it doesn’t help, I’ve lost nothing but a few weeks of eating all the foods I probably shouldn’t eat anyway!

So far I’m doing okay. This weekend I made a few slip ups because I never thought to check the ingredients in soup and chili (Campbell’s has wheat flour in it). But those are the only mistakes I’ve knowingly made since Saturday. I miss oatmeal considerably, but I’ve still been able to have eggs for breakfast, and my mum has been fabulous about making gluten-free meals for dinner (like Shepherd’s Pie and Smothered Chicken). This weekend I’ll probably experiment with my own gluten free recipes.

I know gluten free whoopie pies are on the menu, and if all this gluten free dieting works out, eventually these little cupcakes will be on there, too:

Gluten Free Strawberry Cupcakes (from Pinterest originally from

I’ve also started keeping a diary of all of the foods I eat. That way, if something gives me a reaction I can make a note and avoid it.

As for the results, so far I feel good. Tonight I ate so much food and I haven’t been able to eat a lot in a while (hopefully I didn’t just jinx myself). It is still early in the experiment though, and I think I’ll have a better idea of whether it has been effective or not this weekend.

I only wish I could stick to my no sugar diet as well as I have this gluten free one. I’ve completely failed in my goal of eating less sugar, but I also got myself into some really bad habits while I have been sick. When I couldn’t eat, I went to chocolate because I was able to eat that without feeling worse. Breaking that habit has been the hardest part, particularly since now I’m always craving something sweet. But I will get back on track. . . I hope!

Anyone else on here have a wheat allergy? Any suggestions on what I should try?


14 thoughts on “Gluten-free experiment

  1. You mentioned you miss oatmeal- Bob’s Red Mill sells gluten-free oats! Just look for “certified gluten free on the label (it’s a kind of lavender color, if memory serves). It’s available in a lot of grocery stores, and also online. Good luck!

  2. My sister in law doesn’t have celiacs, but has a gluten allergy that manifests itself as something like rheumatoid arthritis.

    Anyway, I’ve done gluten free at times before, it is really not too difficult! Most whole foods don’t have gluten, and a lot of gluten free replacements are good. You commented about the pasta on my post, just use GF pasta and you’re done! I know my SIL’s favorite is the quinoa pasta. That way you get protein too 😀

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  4. It is possible to have a negative blood test and still have Coeliac disease if you have an IgA deficiency. In the UK diagnosis is only formally made after biopsy by endoscopy, the catch being that you need to be eating gluten for several weeks before the endoscopy, so you spend a while longer feeling ill whilst waiting for the diagnosis 😦

  5. I am gluten intolerant & unfortunately the tests for any wheat allergies are not 100% accurate 😦 but cut it out & you will feel better! It does however up some people’s craving for sugar (because you’ve just cut out a lot of carbs, like me)!! so you crave the sugar that is now gone. start baking from scratch at least you’ll know the sugar you’re having is the coming from the best ingredients possible.

      • ohhhh!! Also one of my faves!! you can get trader joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups, have 1, or 2 w/afternoon coffee & it curbs the craving, and they’re GF 🙂 but it’s def. the carb loss (sugars) i bake way more now than i ever did before i was gf – oh well!! lol

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