Prepping for Valentine’s Day take 2

I’ll be completely honest. I have NO idea what to make for dinner on Valentine’s Day. While there are so many gluten-free options out there, I feel like I’m struggling to find recipes. Even when I search Pinterest for gluten-free meals, the list comes up short.

If hubby had his way, dinner would already be solved. Heat up a pepperoni pizza and dinner is served! I have to admit, this picture from Pinterest did tempt me a little:

Found on Pinterest originally from

But obviously pizza dough has wheat in it. Even though there are ways to make gluten-free dough, I don’t feel like it’s right for Valentine’s Day. I want to do something out of the ordinary, and I think that’s why I’m struggling to choose something.

I did find a recipe for chicken parmesan. This is one of Robert’s favourite meals, and with gluten-free pasta and a few other gluten-free switches, it could work out pretty well.  We had spaghetti on our first Valentine’s Day, so it might be a nice reference to that day. Plus, there’s cute little pepperoni hearts on it.


Found on Pinterest, originally from

The chicken parmesan is a strong possibility, but I’m not excited about it. I could definitely eat it, but I’m just not thinking “YES that’s the meal.”

I keep searching Pinterest and only finding more desserts (which completely distracts me from the task at hand). Casseroles are definitely high on my list of favourite recipes. Maybe a chicken and broccoli casserole?

Oh dear, I just don’t know. Do you have any suggestions? What’s a good meal for Valentine’s Day?



2 thoughts on “Prepping for Valentine’s Day take 2

    • Oh, I definitely could have dessert for dinner haha 🙂 Hubby couldn’t though. He’s not as big on the sweet stuff as I am. Actually, a lot of people have suggested I do stuffed peppers. I may have to try that as I’m getting so many recommendations!

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