Cupcake misadventures: Cupcrazed Cakery

Although I am sticking to my goal of healthier cooking and baking this year, I’ve also decided I want to visit every cupcake shop in the area. I love how cute cupcakeries are. Every one I’ve been to has had a quirky design and that always inspires me to have a cupcake and a coffee – although, I unfortunately can’t drink coffee anymore (boo). I can still indulge in my other guilty pleasure though, and because my love of cupcakes has grown into an obsession, I really want to try everything the area has to offer. It won’t be an every week thing because my body is still recovering from the holidays, but I’m thinking I’ll try a new one every month at least.

My first stop was to the Cupcrazed Cakery in Fort Mill, SC. Apparently they entered and won Food Network’s “Cupcake Wars,” and being an avid watcher of the show, I was the most curious about them.

I loved the long counter and the multiple cupcake displays. Actually, it kind of reminded me of a coffee shop, and I always love how inviting a coffee shop feels. Cupcrazed felt the same way and even had a little lounge area to chat with friends and enjoy a sinfully delicious treat.

Speaking of sinful treats, the cupcakes were delicious! One of the features of Cupcrazed is that they make a bigger sized cupcake. I almost want to say they were as big as muffins, but with a cupcake that size, you’re definitely getting more bakery for your buck. They usually offer the basic flavours, like vanilla, chocolate, carrot cake and red velvet. Yet everyday the cakery offers specials. Today it was nutty buddies and strawberry stuffed death by chocolate. I had to indulge in the chocolate and strawberries because, honestly, that combination sounded fabulous.

I got two cupcakes (the other being a double vanilla), but of the two this was my favourite. The chocolate was so gooey and the taste of the cream, chocolate, and strawberries together was heavenly.  The cake was really moist and the whole thing wasn’t too sweet. It just tasted like an explosion of chocolate, and what woman doesn’t enjoy that?

This is the box of delectables we came home with. The top three are the strawberry stuffed death by chocolate. On the bottom left you have carrot cake, the middle is red velvet, and the bottom right is my double vanilla. I enjoyed the vanilla cupcake, too. But the frosting was really sweet- delicious, I just couldn’t finish it.

Cupcrazed also offers a variety of other scrumptious baked goods, like cake pops, mini pies, cookies, and brownies. If I wasn’t trying to watch my sugar intake, I would have come home with a lot more than just cupcakes. I’m proud to say I behaved myself. Although, I kept going back for more of my vanilla cupcake even when I was stuffed. Which is a testament to how delicious the cupcakes were!