The ultimate weekend comfort

It felt so good to be back in the kitchen and cooking. While it’s only been two weeks, that’s enough to drive a girl like me crazy! I enjoy experimenting with different recipes and I love it even more when people actually enjoy what I make. I love taking pictures of my culinary creations and I love blogging about it, too. Basically, I’ve just really gotten into cooking and baking since I became a wife. . .  too bad I can’t get into doing other domestic-type stuff, too.

Tonight while I was cooking we watched. . . oh boy, I’m ashamed to even admit it. . . we watched. . . “Twilight Breaking Dawn.” I only share this with you readers because I don’t feel like I need to hide it. See the thing is, I’m truthfully not a “Twilight” fan. I’ve seen most of the movies, but I honestly don’t get the attraction. I can admit that many of the things he says are pretty sweet, like “no measure of time with you will ever be long enough, let’s start with forever.” If Robert said that. . .  I’d probably melt into a puddle of absolute mush. Otherwise, I think there’s far more powerful love stories out there, like “The Notebook” or “Pride and Prejudice”. I watched the third film because they got married and, my goodness, that wedding looked gorgeous! So I can admit I’ve watched the movies, I can admit there’s a few sweet parts, but I’m still not a fan. Not to say there’s anything wrong with liking “Twilight”, it’s just that I don’t think I’ll ever be a fan.

But, now that I’ve completely digressed from my story, I’ll come back to my actual point. These last few weeks I’ve learned there’s nothing as relaxing as watching movies all weekend. I particularly love a marathon of Disney movies followed by me cooking dinner.  It’s become that little bit of comfort I look forward to at the end of the week. I think it’s become the only way I truly relax, and if I’m doing anything else, I feel rushed and like there’s not enough time in the day. . .  which, on weekends there never is! Two days goes by so quickly.

Well tonight I made a chicken dish with mango salsa, coconut rice, and avocado! I’ve never had coconut rice, but someone suggested it at work and like the mango/avocado quesadillas, it had to be tried. I find myself gravitating towards fruity chicken dishes. I love chicken with some kind of citrus dressing. Even if it’s just a marinade, I’m hooked! Plus, chicken is still on my list of okay items to eat. So works out for me!

Chicken with warm mango salsa

Source: “Good Morning America”



1 avocado

1 mango

1 tomato

1/2 teaspoon of red pepper flakes (I used this instead of the jalapeno)

1 lime juice

The zest of 1 lime

1 red pepper (I don’t think this was on there, but it made for a nice extra)

Side note: I didn’t use all of the ingredients that “Good Morning America” used. For one thing I hate onions and my throat always gets scratchy and sore when I have pepper. So I do recommend looking at those ingredients as well.


Chop your mango, tomato, and pepper into cubes. Toss them on a plate and leave for now.

Start cooking the chicken on a medium heat. Once you’re about halfway done with the chicken, start cooking the mango mix. Since I didn’t use jalapeno, this is when I added my red pepper flakes.

Once your mango mix has cooked a little, add the lime zest and the lime juice. Continue cooking.

When the chicken is fully cooked and the salsa is warmed, put the chicken on a plate and add the salsa on top.

Use the avocado to garnish or as a side item on the plate.

Coconut Rice:

Source: a work colleague


Jasmine rice

1 can of low fat coconut milk


Place desired rice in pot with entire can of coconut milk. Add a little water just to give it enough to boil with. Once the rice has boiled, turn off the stove and leave until soft and ready to serve.


A light and easy lunch

Okay, I didn’t cook as much as I wanted to this weekend. There was a nasty bug going around my training class, and when I woke up Saturday morning, I had it, too. So Saturday I kinda just lazed around and did nothing, but today I tried a variation on something a classmate told me about. She mentioned that she always snacks on a mango/avocado quesadilla. I love mango and I love, love, LOVE avocado, so I was pretty much hooked. Well, I’m trying a gluten-free diet for a week to see if my illness is actually a wheat allergy, which meant I had to think of something outside of a quesadilla. My mind instantly went to rice.

Combined with a little cheese and salsa, I had the makings of a delicious, quick, and easy lunch! Let me share with you.

Mango and avocado naked burrito

Source: classmate and my own mind


Uncle Ben’s Jasmine Rice (90 second microwavable kind)

1 avocado

1 mango

1/4 cup of shredded Mexican cheese

2 tablespoons of mango salsa (Newman’s Own)


Cut and dice both your mango and avocado. Set in the pan on a medium heat and cook until nice and soft. When you have about a minute or two left, add the Mexican cheese to melt.

Now put your rice in the microwave to cook. Once done, pour in a bowl, add your avocado/mango mix on top, and finish with the mango salsa. You can even add a little extra cheese if desired.

See, quick, easy, and quite scrummy, too! If you’re looking for something a little different and light, definitely try this mango and avocado naked burrito.