My Pinspiration: The home edition part two

Somewhere between working all day and falling asleep on the couch, I’ve still been daydreaming about our future place. We’re just a few months away and I can’t wait to start decorating. The one room I’ve had the least trouble envisioning is the kitchen. It all started when I saw a picture of a bright, red KitchenAid in a registry catalog. That one picture was all it took and I’ve never looked back on my decision to have a red kitchen. My amazing hubby kept the dream going for me when he actually bought me the red KitchenAid for my birthday one year. Now I find myself buying everything to match it.

Although not all of my inspiration pictures are red, when I use the ideas in my own kitchen they will be. I’ll have to post some pictures when I actually bring all these ideas to life.

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Through gifts from my mum, and my own purchases, I bought a collection of Mickey Mouse cooking utensils. I probably won’t use them because they are so cute, but I want something like this in my kitchen so I can display them.

I bought the canisters, card, and frame from Target (I now actually have a third, taller canister, too). The picture has a multitude of kitchen appliances on it and says “you can never have too many new appliances.” Since my entire registry was pretty much kitchen appliances, I knew I had to have it and frame it for the kitchen.

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I am obsessive compulsive, which means having everything neatly organized is a must for me. I absolutely hate how cluttered pans can get in a cabinet, so I’m hoping to find something like this. Maybe at Ikea? Notice how the pans are red haha?

Found on Pinterest originally from Ikea


Speaking of Ikea, I’m considering making a little baking center for myself. We’re going to be in an apartment at first, so I’m not sure if space will allow it. If it does, this little cupboard from Ikea will definitely be what I use. Not only is it red, it’s just super cute!




Last but not least, I kinda had to tie in my British roots and the colour red with this adorable kitchen mat. I haven’t bought it yet, but if it’s still around when I have the extra cash, it’s coming to my kitchen!


My Pinspiration: the home edition

I know this blog is primarily for cooking related posts, but I have decorating on the brain right now. When it comes to making a house look homey, I have as many skills as I do in the kitchen. . . a.k.a close to none. From our registry to my own guilty spending, I now have an assortment of stuff for our future place. Problem is, I just have no idea what to do with it all. I’ve looked through picture after picture to find inspiration, but I think the problem with decorating is you see an idea and want to make it your own (at least I do). So finding pictures is a good step, but I still can’t progress beyond it.

I still have four months until I have to put my decorative skills to the test, which means I have plenty of time to keep looking. I know I want lots of London/English accents around our place. Not only because England is my home, but because it’s where we honeymooned! I also know I want a few gaming related things, too. What I mean by that is some little details that reflect that Robert and I are both video gamers. As for the overall decor, I know I want dark wood furniture, and after that I can’t decide on anything else.

Luckily, I have Pinterest in my life. For anyone who has actually looked at my Pinterest, you’ll notice my most used boards are “Dream Home” and “Weddings” (yeah, it’s almost been a year and I haven’t lost that obsession yet). Here are a few of the ideas I like the most. For your viewing pleasure and so I have a place where I can see all my favourite ideas put together.

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