Happiness is a new baking gadget

For the last few weeks, my cousin-in-laws have been excitedly dropping hints about my Christmas present.¬†Well, today we exchanged gifts, and let’s just say excited doesn’t even cover how happy I was.

Disney and a baking gadget for my kitchen? Oh how well they know me! If you can’t see the picture clearly enough (since my camera doesn’t take the clearest pictures), it’s a baking tool that makes mini Disney cakes/doughnuts/biscuits/pancakes and other yummy baked goods. What makes me the most excited is that Pluto, my FAVOURITE Disney character, is in there, too.

My cousins had the cake mix ready, so I didn’t even wait to get home to try my out my new gadget. Unfortunately I was too excited to remember to grab a picture. No worries though, I’ll definitely be making them again very soon!