Five things that made me smile

Other than getting a sudden ear infection, I’ve had a pretty good week. I’ve had a lot of accomplishments that have really left me smiling. Inspired by an idea I found from “Mr. and Meatless“, I figured I’d share the five things that have made me smile this week.

1. I actually have another blog which details my life as a newlywed. Honestly, that’s how my blogging adventures started. I had a blog on Blogger called “The Making of a Mrs” and I pitched the idea to my favourite wedding magazine. I feel truly blessed because they took me on, and the other day, my post received an amazing number of viewers. Unfortunately, I can’t share that number, but it was definitely the highest hits I’ve ever gotten and I was so excited. By the way, if you haven’t seen my other blog, you should definitely check it out.  This is what I’m doing when I don’t post for a few days on this blog.

2. I work in customer service, so obviously I have numbers I have to meet. Well, being a newbie I’m only hitting the average mark, but the amount of responses I’m giving are increasing every day! Today I FINALLY reached the daily goal I set for myself and I couldn’t be more excited. Now the goal is to beat that number tomorrow!

3. My husband and I have been hanging out all week. Usually it’s impossible to get him off of his video game, but this week we’ve had some great quality time together. If he’s not sitting down watching T.V. with me, I’m helping him with his game. It’s been wonderful.

4. I get to cook this weekend. I didn’t get in the kitchen last weekend because we were out of town, but this weekend. . . oh I just can’t wait.

5. I’ve actually managed to sort of keep up with the blog this week. While I know I’m still not posting a lot, I’ve picked up the pace a little. That makes me happy because I love writing and I don’t want to fall behind on this blog.