Prepping for Valentine’s Day take 2

I’ll be completely honest. I have NO idea what to make for dinner on Valentine’s Day. While there are so many gluten-free options out there, I feel like I’m struggling to find recipes. Even when I search Pinterest for gluten-free meals, the list comes up short.

If hubby had his way, dinner would already be solved. Heat up a pepperoni pizza and dinner is served! I have to admit, this picture from Pinterest did tempt me a little:

Found on Pinterest originally from

But obviously pizza dough has wheat in it. Even though there are ways to make gluten-free dough, I don’t feel like it’s right for Valentine’s Day. I want to do something out of the ordinary, and I think that’s why I’m struggling to choose something.

I did find a recipe for chicken parmesan. This is one of Robert’s favourite meals, and with gluten-free pasta and a few other gluten-free switches, it could work out pretty well.  We had spaghetti on our first Valentine’s Day, so it might be a nice reference to that day. Plus, there’s cute little pepperoni hearts on it.


Found on Pinterest, originally from

The chicken parmesan is a strong possibility, but I’m not excited about it. I could definitely eat it, but I’m just not thinking “YES that’s the meal.”

I keep searching Pinterest and only finding more desserts (which completely distracts me from the task at hand). Casseroles are definitely high on my list of favourite recipes. Maybe a chicken and broccoli casserole?

Oh dear, I just don’t know. Do you have any suggestions? What’s a good meal for Valentine’s Day?



Prepping for Valentines Day

Robert and I don’t usually celebrate Valentines Day. The only time we made plans was our first year. I’d never had a date for Valentine’s before, so I wanted to know what it was like. We’d been together for a little over a month and I had no idea how to cook. So I dressed the table with rose petals and candles and made the simplest meal I could – spaghetti and meatballs. Of course, my mum had to help me otherwise we would have had crunchy pasta for dinner.

There it is! The table from our first Valentine's Day!

We haven’t celebrated since our first year together. While I always get drawn in by the aisles and aisles of heart shaped goodies, I don’t see the point in designating one day for love. I’ve always been a hopeless romantic, so I want to be mushy every day. Like I said though, the heart shaped sprinkles and cookie pans get me every time. I have visions of making whoopie pies, cookies, and puddings all in the shape of hearts! It’s particularly bad this year since we’re newlyweds. So we’ve decided to semi-celebrate. We’re not going out for dinner and a movie, but I am making a special meal and dessert for us. After all, I can cook now and I love preparing dinner for us.

So here comes the fun part- deciding what to make!  I want this meal to be special, so I turned to Pinterest for all the fun ideas. Here’s a few recipes I have in mind. Today I’m just posting the desserts, but next blog I’ll share my dinner ideas!

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Chocolate Cookies

This picture makes me drool!

Found on Pinterest, originally from

Carrot Cake Donuts

Robert has been pointing out donut recipes for a while and I’ve always been too intimidated to try them. As if they are somehow out of my league because I’m still a baking newbie; however, I do love a challenge and I definitely want to try them.

Found on Pinterest, originally from


One of Robert’s favourite desserts and one of the items on my foods to conquer this year.

Found on Pinterest, originally from

The last idea I don’t have a picture for, but I’m thinking heart shaped Peanut Butter and Jelly Whoopie Pies. I have no idea how I’m going to decide, but I suppose it will be whatever I feel like eating on the day of. I know Robert won’t mind what I make, as long as it’s something he enjoys.

What do you have in mind for Valentine’s Day? Have you searched through Pinterest as much as I have?

My Pinspiration: The home edition part two

Somewhere between working all day and falling asleep on the couch, I’ve still been daydreaming about our future place. We’re just a few months away and I can’t wait to start decorating. The one room I’ve had the least trouble envisioning is the kitchen. It all started when I saw a picture of a bright, red KitchenAid in a registry catalog. That one picture was all it took and I’ve never looked back on my decision to have a red kitchen. My amazing hubby kept the dream going for me when he actually bought me the red KitchenAid for my birthday one year. Now I find myself buying everything to match it.

Although not all of my inspiration pictures are red, when I use the ideas in my own kitchen they will be. I’ll have to post some pictures when I actually bring all these ideas to life.

Found on originally from

Through gifts from my mum, and my own purchases, I bought a collection of Mickey Mouse cooking utensils. I probably won’t use them because they are so cute, but I want something like this in my kitchen so I can display them.

I bought the canisters, card, and frame from Target (I now actually have a third, taller canister, too). The picture has a multitude of kitchen appliances on it and says “you can never have too many new appliances.” Since my entire registry was pretty much kitchen appliances, I knew I had to have it and frame it for the kitchen.

Found on Pinterest originally from


I am obsessive compulsive, which means having everything neatly organized is a must for me. I absolutely hate how cluttered pans can get in a cabinet, so I’m hoping to find something like this. Maybe at Ikea? Notice how the pans are red haha?

Found on Pinterest originally from Ikea


Speaking of Ikea, I’m considering making a little baking center for myself. We’re going to be in an apartment at first, so I’m not sure if space will allow it. If it does, this little cupboard from Ikea will definitely be what I use. Not only is it red, it’s just super cute!




Last but not least, I kinda had to tie in my British roots and the colour red with this adorable kitchen mat. I haven’t bought it yet, but if it’s still around when I have the extra cash, it’s coming to my kitchen!

My Pinspiration a.k.a my favourite Pinterest recipes

I saw this post on another blog and thought how great of an idea it was. Pinterest has become quite an unhealthy obsession for me, but since hubby is always on his games, I can’t help but gravitate towards all of those glorious pins. It’s not just the recipes either. I’m always looking through the home decor section and the weddings, too. Yet, when it comes to the recipes, there are so many fabulous pictures I get eager to get in the kitchen and start cooking.

Alright, so here we go! These are the top Pinterest recipes I am longing to try.

1. Avocado grilled cheese

Photo from Pinterest- originally from

I love avocado and I love cheese. Put the two together in a sandwich and I may have found food euphoria.

2. Bacon, egg and toast cups

Photo from Pinterest - originally from

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day and I enjoy making quirky recipes. So when I saw this picture, I was not only drawn in visually, but my taste buds were going crazy!

3. Slow cooker cilantro lime chicken

Photo from Pinterest - originally from

I love chicken coated in fruity marinades – particularly lime ones. Plus, what’s easier than throwing it in a Crock-Pot and not having to worry until dinner time?

4. Snickers cake pops

Photo from Pinterest - originally from

Cake pops are almost as fabulous as cupcakes – almost. I’m still trying to get the art of the chocolate coating down, but I definitely want to experiment with a Snickers pop!

5. Banana pudding with caramelized bananas and bourbon banana sauce

Photo from Pinterest - originally from

It’s the bourbon sauce and caramelized bananas that drew me in. Hubby is more of the pudding guy, and while I’m not sure how he’d feel about this recipe, I still want to try it. It just sounds so decadent.

There are so many cupcakes I want to try, too. Since I’m a little cupcake obsessed, I knew that could be a post of its own. So stay tuned, I’m sure there will be a cupcake inspired post soon.